Historic and one-of-a-kind.

Welcome to Westfield    

Historic and one-of-a-kind
The one-of-a-kind Westfield is a quiet, friendly town located in the center of Union County. Known for being a quiet town with plenty of resources and activities for its residents, Westfield is a welcoming town that you and your family will quickly fall in love with. 
Westfield offers its residents an overwhelming list of places to go, eat, and have fun. The city is filled with parks, mom-and-pop diners, and stores and is only a short drive from the beach. For most of the year, residents live comfortably in a warm, sunny area and are met with occasional days of rain. 
The 6.7 square-mile city is perfect for those looking for a sense of community in a peaceful, affluent neighborhood. It boasts an array of spacious multi-room homes close to the downtown area or on the outskirts near parks. Most properties in the area are newly renovated, are multi-story, and have great curb appeal. Modest homes will range from $600k to about $1m. The more luxurious homes with greater square footage and larger front and back yards range from $1m to $3.5m.

What to Love

  • Centrally located in Union County
  • Downtown area and parks
  • Peaceful, community-based town

People and Lifestyle

Westfield is an affluent, suburban town that frequently feels like a dream town seen on television. The community is growing in popularity for its family-friendly appeal and upbeat lifestyle. The area provides fantastic schools, areas for recreational activities and leisure, and plenty of other signature experiences that fit the whole family. 
Residents tend to be upper-middle to upper-class families, professionals, and retirees. Living here, you’ll find that most residents are polite, quiet, and give the town a sense of community.

Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

The opportunities are endless here in Westfield. There are numerous blocks full of diverse restaurants, family-owned boutiques, fun places for kids, competitive sports from both schools and recreational parks, and nature and wildlife areas. 
The boutiques located in Westfield offer an array of goods for everyone’s taste. Parents can shop at the local Gap store for the whole family, while teenagers can browse the shelves at Urban Outfitters for the latest trends. After, everyone can head on over to the local Just Bead Yourself and create your own jewelry with colorful beads and crystals.
Enjoy fine dining with the entire family at Sweet Waters Steak House, an old-school, wood-paneled restaurant that’s known for its steak and seafood. If you’re in the mood for traditional Italian fares, visit the neighborhood classic, Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant. Dining at home is also possible as there’s plenty of grocery stores nearby, like the highly beloved Trader Joe’s

Things to Do

The residents of Westfield have a surplus of outdoor activities and events to attend. There truly is something to do for everyone in this community. 
Visit and participate in the town-wide celebration of Addams Fest, a Halloween-themed month where residents partake in haunted trails, pumpkin carvings, and movie drive-ins. The Spring Fling Festival takes place in the spring months, on the streets of Downtown Westfield. Moreover, residents get to walk the avenues and browse the foods, crafts, and games provided by over 300 vendors. 
Surrounding the city blocks of stores and diners are recreational parks fitted with picnic areas, trails for walking and morning hikes, basketball and tennis courts, and a skating rink. Mindowaskin Park is a beautiful park offering playground areas for kids, trails, and a river and lake area where fishing is allowed. Tamaques Reservation is another favorite park that offers athletic facilities, such as basketball and tennis courts. Other parks within this town include Westfield Memorial Park & Pool, Brightwood Park, and the Westfield Rink at Gumbert Park.


Westfield has schooling systems in place to help children and teenagers in all grades. These schools are:
  • Washington Elementary School, grades 1-5
  • Roosevelt Intermediate School, grades 6-8
  • Westfield Senior High School, grades 9-12



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